Our Support Services

We understand that there are many reasons for homelessness which can be complex and take time to overcome. At CHESS we want to work with our service users on any issues they may have in order that they reach a point where they are able to move on in their lives.

Change Programme: CHESS Homeless operates a ‘Change Programme’ that helps those single adults who have become homeless regain control of their lives. We offer each service user (this is a term we use to describe our guests) an opportunity to move through the Change Programme and onto either, supported or independent accommodation.

CHESS Homeless work with several partners offering rehabilitation; access to mental health services; training & skils development; health and wellbeing courses; living skills; independent accommodation; counselling and much more.


Each one of our service users is assigned a Support Worker whilst they are with us who will work with the resident on an individual support plan. This helps to find the key opportunities and challenges that face the individual. The Support Worker’s role is to meet with the person regularly and help them to progress on with their life, helping them as they feel their way towards important decisions they need to make or face things they find difficult.

CHESS Change Programme includes: a direct access shelter where service users will have access to their own room, phone, internet and pc’s and washing and laundry facilities. Access is currently 24 hours, 7 days a week during the Covid-19 pandemic, although this may alter when things return to normal. Once in a position we will be able to move the service user onto our Annexe where they receive their front door key and can come and go as they please. There is continued support given to all of our service users from when they join CHESS. From the annex, service users will be given the opportunity to move onto one of our 5 move-on properties before moving out of CHESS into  more permanent accommodation. CHESS is only able to accommodate people for up to 2 years.

Additional Support Services: We are able to connect our service users with various other support agencies and services and also signpost for specialist help and support such as counselling, mental health, substance and alcohol misuse etc, as well as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Training & Skills Development in First Aid, Manual Handling, Site Safety and Fire Marshalling Certificated courses
  • IT Classes
  • Cookery Classes support
  • Living Skills
  • Mental Health
  • Art Therapy

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Caring During the COVID19

Vulnerable neighbors are still in need of critical care. Our Red Doors continue to stay open every day and you can help.