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CHESS Homeless is striving to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners in the local community.  By supporting us, your company is demonstrating a commitment to supporting the local community and displaying a desire for social impact which can have a very positive effect on your company image with both staff and customers.

These relationships can also work to increase brand awareness, boost staff morale, provide potential PR opportunities and most importantly engage your staff and enable you to have fun together as a team. No matter how big or small your company is there are plenty of ways you can help, all of which can be tailor-made to your needs.

We have put together a Charity of the Year Proposal document which outlines the various ideas we have for engaging your business & staff with our charity, as well as a Corporate & Social Responsibility template. Both of these are available by emailing us at

We really value the support we receive from corporate partnerships, not only does this raise funds and awareness for the charity, but it also helps towards an organisation’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

If you are an organisation that would like to find out more about how you get involved with CHESS and make a difference in the Chelmsford & Essex communities through volunteering or offering financial support, contact us at

We would like to thank all local businesses that support CHESS, here are just a few:

If you want to support CHESS and you aren’t sure the best way to do so, gifts in kind could be a great way to help. Gifts in kind could be donations of items, professional services or discounted services – all of which benefit us as a Charity.

Payroll Giving is a simple and tax efficient scheme that allows employees to donate money regularly to CHESS directly from their salary. Each payday, a specified donation is taken directly out of the participating employees’ gross salary – after National Insurance has been deducted but before tax. The end result is that it costs your employees up to 40 percent less to make their donations. For example, if your employee pledges £5, the actual cost to them will be £3 (based on a higher rate taxpayer). A Payroll Giving Agency will handle the transfer of all these donations for you and pay them directly to CHESS.

If you are a local business who encourages volunteering through your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we would love to take on your employees either individually or as a corporate team to volunteer for CHESS. Their involvement would be very much appreciated in any area they would like to help the charity. We currently have over 80 volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks ranging from gardening, cooking and even overnight Sleepover Support.

We often facilitate teams  that carry out general maintenance and decorating, or even offer consultancy support. There is always something that we can suggest for you to do.  If you think this may be something you could get involved in we will be happy to discuss this with you.  Contact Barbara on 01245 281104 or at

Get In Touch

Whatever you choose, we are on hand to offer advice and help with any of these.  We would also love to hear your own ideas for events, or even to come along and take part with you. Do please get in touch with us at, and we will be happy to chat further.

Organise Your Own Event

From Golf Days, Quiz Nights, Skydiving, running Marathons or hosting a Dinner and Dance, organising your own fundraising event is a great way for you to entertain your staff and customers whilst raising money for a great cause at the same time. We are on hand to give you support and advice with your event or if you have an idea for a great event – we want to know about it.

Take Part In A CHESS Event

We host a number of events every year to raise money, there is something for everyone. All of our fundraising events offer great team building exercises to boost staff morale, and connect you with your local community and the impact that you can make.

Sponsor A CHESS Event

By sponsoring a CHESS charity event, your company will get some great PR and advertising opportunities as well as the chance to increase your brand awareness.

You could cover advertising or publicity costs, fund venue hire or even something more imaginative – we would love to have you involved.

Choosing CHESS Homeless as your charity of the year is a fantastic way to build team morale as it gives you a period of time where you can all work together as a team to plan your fundraising activities. The CHESS Fundraising Team will be there to support you throughout the year.

We would be happy to discuss more about making CHESS Homeless your Charity of the Year, and can help you formulate a plan and ideas for fundraising and other ways to get involved.  Please get in touch at

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