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Giving Individuals a Future Today

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year – but for some it can also be the loneliest.  CHESS seeks to ensure that people who find themselves homeless are supported in ways that enable them to move forward purposefully and in good health, by providing temporary accommodation, support services and training and enabling individuals to turn their lives around.

This Christmas you can be a part of helping to provide a brighter future to someone living in difficult circumstances. Your gift will enable us to help more adults out of homelessness into independent living, and equip them with the resources and skills they need to get themselves back on their feet.

Give the GIFT of Hope this Christmas


Hot Meals and Drinks



towards night shelter costs



Moving On Essentials Box



Welfare & Support Assistance


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CHESS has 13 properties in all providing accommodation to 66 residents.

Our 4-bedroom shelter is the first port of call for most of our residents. For those staying here we provide a well-balanced, healthy hot meal every night, a variety of hot drinks and breakfast options in the morning. The residents also have access to a kitchenette where food and snacks are also provided. Within each of the other 12 properties we also provide food, snacks and drinks throughout their stay. Your donation of £10 will go towards helping us provide food for the 66 service users.

Our fully equipped and refurbished Shelter has 3 single bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We offer a dedicated self-contained disability facility, professional kitchen, communal lounge and kitchenette areas, three private consultation rooms with a dedicated support worker for each service user. Each centrally heated bedroom has a single bed, duvet and pillow, wardrobe, rug, bedside table and lamp, as well as provision of towels and toiletries and access to laundry facilities.

Each of the other 12 properties has been refurbished or is in the process of being refurbished to a high standard. We believe that by providing a clean and comfortable temporary home will help each individual that stays with us know that they are valued members of society.

In addition to the Shelter CHESS have 12 ‘move-on’ properties offering a little more independence until they are ready to move out into independent and more permanent living arrangements.

We offer assistance throughout this process, including provision of furniture and other items to help as they set up a new home. We put together an Essentials Box which contains 1 dinner plate, tea plate and bowl, cutlery set, tea towels, tin opener, 2 mugs, 2 saucepans, bath towels and cleaning products.

Many of those that come into the Shelter come from a variety of backgrounds with a range of complex needs, often coming from chaotic circumstances stemming back to childhood from abuse and resulting in mental health issues and/or addictions. CHESS provides an end to end service of 1-1 support and training to assist service users from the streets onto independent living.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic CHESS could accommodate up to 32 individuals at any given time throughout the night shelter, annex and move on properties. During lockdown the government temporarily housed rough sleepers in emergency accommodation. Since then we have worked tirelessly to DOUBLE our property portfolio with the aim of ensuring homeless individuals do not need to return to the streets and have the best possible support on their path to finding permanent housing.

Over the past 24 months we have increased our properties from 6 to 13 and the number of service users we are able to accommodate from 32 to 66. This means we are in need of extra funds to provide our residents with everything they need to have a special Christmas this year.

In addition to those 66 residents, our Outreach Team also work with rough sleepers in 8 districts (increasing from 5 districts): Chelmsford, Maldon, Braintree, Epping, Rochford, Uttlesford, Castle Point and Brentwood. We provide emergency supplies of warm clothes, sleeping bags, small tents, snacks and drinks, as well as essential emergency accommodation if required. Your Christmas GIFT will ensure that we have enough supplies to get us through the winter months without having to turn anyone away.

Dedicated support allows our clients to address the root causes of their issues, helping them to find a path to recovery and change.  Evidence shows that having processed trauma, increased self-confidence and making positive steps towards employment, people can cement a positive future, maintain accommodation, and find a long-term route away from homelessness.

Your donations are essential to us being able to continue our work providing support to the homeless in our communities. Thank you!