Winter Project 2019 – Chess Homeless

Winter Project 2019

CHESS is a small charity which has offered help and support to hundreds of homeless people since it was launched 21 years ago. We try and stretch our resources as far as they will go and are constantly balancing the risks posed by increased drug and alcohol use, against the need to keep as many people as we are able to help, in a safe and secure environment.

In addition to our 32 beds which are available throughout the year, and an Outreach Team that make contact with rough sleepers, we offer 10 bed spaces on our Winter Project, as respite from the ravages of cold weather. The Winter Project begins on 2nd December, 10pm – 8am every day, offering a basic bed space in a local church hall for anyone who needs warmth, supper and a bed during the colder Winter months.You can book beds on a daily basis by calling 01245 281104, on the morning of the night a bed is needed. The location will be given on booking. This service is available until end March 2020.

We are able to offer this service due to funding provided by Chelmsford City Council and additional support from CVS for operational costs.