John had served in the forces for over 3 years where there was a big culture of drinking. John came out of the army with no employment and nowhere to live, he was faced with the stark reality of being homeless for the first time.  John drifted, drinking more and more and then turning to criminality to fund this habit. Sadly, this led to 40 convictions over 7 years and 30 sentences.

Each time John was released he would go back to his familiar area and friendship network, resulting in him reoffending within 3 months. CHESS runs a social enterprise, employing and housing the homeless. Having interviewed John whilst serving time inside, CHESS was able to offer him relocation and employment via the social enterprise (‘Wingspan Works’) which he took up.

1 year on John is still employed with Wingspan Works, he pays rent in new accommodation and has gained new qualifications within the company.

In John’s own words ‘It might sound cheesy, but quite literally CHESS have saved my life’.