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Helping The Homeless In Your Community

Most people have within them an inherent desire to help those in need in a tangible way. In these days, when the sight of a person sleeping in a doorway is fairly common, our natural instinct is to act. But what if your act of kindness prevented them from getting the assistance and support which is available to them through professional agencies? Would this make you think again before you hand over your cash?

In most districts there are agencies that can work with the individuals to find more permanent housing solutions and address the issues that caused their homelessness. This could be:

  • supported housing which could provide longer term accommodation
  • hot nutritious meals and temporary accommodation including hygiene and laundry facilities
  • access to mental health professionals and well-being courses
  • access to housing benefit services
  • certificated training to assist with future employment
  • alcohol and substance abuse prevention/solutions
The truth about homelessness in the UK

We want to bring an end to homelessness for good and are working with local councils and organisations to find a way. We need to engage with those on the streets to be able to offer longer term solutions and help them gain access to a permanent home of their own.

Current statistics

The rate of evictions is stated to rise by 20% in the next 6 months as a result of the pandemic (Homeless Link).  The Government strategy is to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and end it by 2027.

What help is being offered by local services?

CHESS Homeless seeks to ensure that those who find themselves homeless in Essex are supported in ways that enable them to move forward purposefully and in good health.

Local councils, homelessness organisations and the police are actively working to deal with the complex issues faced by each person that is rough sleeping. Outreach workers are out regularly assessing their needs and looking at ways in which we can get them off the streets and access to the support they need.

This includes:

  • services provided by local council/organisations
  • local authority housing groups/charities
  • foodbanks to provide emergency supplies
  • CHESS Outreach Team visiting and helping them to find accommodation

What can you do to help?

If you are worried about someone you have seen sleeping rough you can make a referral via This will alert a local Outreach Team who will visit them to assess their needs, provide warm clothes, snacks and drinks, and in some cases offer temporary accommodation.

CONTACT LOCAL AUTHORITY (Housing) They will try and provide emergency accommodation if available.

CHAT Buy them a hot drink and stop for a chat if you feel comfortable to do so. You may be able to direct them to a service that can help.

VOLUNTEER CHESS relies on the support of our dedicated supporters and volunteers. There are roles to suit everyone, visit to read more about the roles and apply.

DONATE Make a donation of your spare change to CHESS or other homeless charities which specifically help people in your local community. If you would like to make a donation to CHESS visit us at

BE KIND Remember every human being has a story and sometimes a kind word is worth more than some loose change.


ALERT STREETLINK to a rough sleeper
tel: 0300 500 0914
app: Streetlink on Apple itunes / Google Playstore

tel: 01245 281104
add: Hodgkinson House, 200 New London Rd, CM2 9AB

Other Sources to Contact:

  • District Council Housing Department
  • Local Foodbank
  • Citizens Advice – local branch
  • Any other recognised homeless charities within the area