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CHESS is only able to continue their work with the Homeless because people like you understand that Homelessness is a community issue that requires a community response! Whether you are an individual, business owner, or member of a church or other organisation, there are so many ways you can help us open doors for the homeless.


Your donations help us open doors for the homeless every day.

Our social audit last year estimated the total economic impact of the work to be 500%. That means that for every £1 put into the work of the charity, there was £5 of benefit to the community!

So, whatever the size of your donation, you can be assured that it will go a long way to helping the homeless and the wider community.

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We need to raise £225,000 per year in voluntary donations which is why we need your help. Whether you want to hold your own event, choose us as charity of the year, take on a challenge or join in with our events, you will find the information and help you need here. If you are fundraising for CHESS or would like to in the future, we would love to hear from you.

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Corporate Support

CHESS Homeless is striving to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners in the local community.  By supporting us, your company is demonstrating a commitment to supporting the local community which can have a very positive effect on your company image with both staff and customers.

These relationships can also work to increase brand awareness, boost staff morale, provide potential PR opportunities and most importantly engage your staff and enable you to have fun together as a team. No matter how big or small your company is there are plenty of ways you can help, all of which can be tailor-made to your needs.

We have put together a Charity of the Year Proposal document which outlines the various ideas we have for engaging your business & staff with our charity, as well as a Corporate & Social Responsibility template. Both of these are available by emailing us at

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