5kMay – Chess Homeless


What is 5kMay?

This month we’ve teamed up with the creators of the 5k lockdown challenge, Run For Heroes, to bring you #5kMay! One month of coming together for better! You can do your 5k anywhere, anytime with anyone. You can run, roll, walk, cycle or even swim if you want to… It’s about getting out and feeling good while you’re doing it – all whilst giving back to charity. Participate in a 5k during May and donate £5 to us!

How to take part?

  • Anytime between 1st – 31st May, participate in a 5k (run, roll, walk, cycle, hop, socially distanced of course!)  Make sure to take some pics and tag us @chesshomeless
  • Sign up and donate £5 to charity here https://runforheroes.justgiving.com/get-involved?charityId=2957290
  • Nominate 5 of your friends to take part too, remembering to tag us @chesshomeless so we can share!

Once you’ve donated £5 you’ll unlock a goodie bag packed full of rewards and treats from some epic brands! 

Get involved as a team!

Why not mobilise your school, colleagues or sports club to get involved too? It’s the perfect opportunity to get a group together (virtually of course) and encourage them to take part in a 5k too! 

You’re one step closer to doing good, by giving back and keeping fit! If you’d like to get involved in 5kMay, either by yourself or with a team, sign up for the event here: www.runforheroes.org.uk/sign-up

Thanks so much for your support. Don’t forget to tell us about your activity, send us some photos and have fun!