In September 2021 I decided to raise money for CHESS by walking the Chelmsford Centenary Circle Walk, 25 miles around the outskirts of the city, within 24 hours. I started and finished at the shelter and picked up the path in Hylands Park.

I chose to raise money for CHESS because I wanted to help our homeless community at a local level whilst raising awareness of the nationwide homeless crisis via my YouTube channel TOM OUTDOORS. I often go out wild camping and saw a parallel between what I do and homeless people sleeping rough. It upsets me seeing homeless people sat outside our local shops whilst the general public often ignore them. I often donate unwanted clothing camping equipment to various homeless charities in and around Chelmsford but I wanted to do something bigger and the Centenary Walk was the solution.

I ended up raising around £1000. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported this project. I hope to do more charity work in the near future.

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