Keith stayed at CHESS for 11 months. He was re-housed into his own flat and this is his story.

“Due to the breakdown of my marriage I was left homeless and actually living in my car. I was at my lowest I have ever been. With nowhere to turn to I called the Samaritans, who put me in touch with MIND, who then put me in touch with CHESS.

They didn’t have a bed for me at first but they gave me a hot meal, shower and a chance to wash my clothes on many occasions. Then I had a call to say CHESS had a room for me. This was the point in my life that everything started to change.

When I first attended my weekly Support meeting, Jo would sit there for 2 hours listening to me. This was double the time but it never bothered her. After each and every meeting I left feeling positive and most of all laughing.

I asked for an ironing board, a broom and some materials to decorate my room, all of which I received by the end of the week.

After a few weeks they recommended seeing Dolly the counsellor. At first I wasn’t sure, but after 1 or 2 sessions I made the most of it and started feeling in a better position – actually looking forward to my meetings with Dolly. (I would strongly recommend to anyone).

At my time with CHESS I was offered various courses which I completed. Wellbeing, IT, cooking etc. All of which were extremely helpful. During my support meetings I told them about my debt which was playing on my mind as it was a lot of money. I was offered help but by this time you had built my confidence up and I dealt with it myself – with a kick when I needed it lol!

I was encouraged to go to the dentist just for a check-up and made sure I did. They rang the doctors for me when I needed them too. One day I mentioned about my glasses, which I do need most of the day. Jo said get a quote and leave it with me. A short time later I had two pairs of varifocals which CHESS helped me with. This was a HUGE help.

I had to write various letters over the last year, again I received so much support and advise from Jo and the team at CHESS. Then it came to getting my own place.

I know I am repeating myself but their advice, support and encouragement has got me where I am today.

I now have a fantastic place that I can call my own and most of all a place where my son can come and stay. This meant everything to me.

Because of their continuous help, support and encouragement I am now looking for a full-time job. Because of their help I have worked for the Royal Mail on different occasions and also volunteered for the NHS during the unprecedented times with COVID 19.

This time last year I was homeless and thinking the very, very worst. Now look at me!!!  They continually told me that I have myself to thank for what I’ve done but it is mostly down to the guys at CHESS.

Even now when I am applying for jobs or need forms printed for the NHS, I was able to send them an email which they printed out so i could pick it up 30 minutes later. Even after I left I still had that extra support.

I can never thank my support worker Jo and the rest of the team at CHESS for what they have done for me. I dread to think where I would be now if it wasn’t for them.”

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